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Zar Dictionary

A Dictionary from the Mother Tongue



English - Kurdish

By: Himdad A.Muhammad

Product of: MegaMind Plus Academy for Education - Training - Consultancy

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About Zar

1-It is a dictionary taken from the mother tongue, in other words, it has depended solely on English dictionaries. Longman dictionary has been selected as the basis of Zar Dictionary.

2-Zar Dictionary is FREE ( except for the other services part )

3-It contains around 15000 English words (entries) for now but it is continually added to it. 

4-In addition to the meaning of the words(in many cases more than one meaning is given),the pronunciation of the words are given utilizing IPA symbols, place of stress is identified and the category of the word is given.

5-Along with the main word entries, in many places phrases are refereed to especially when they lead to the change of meaning.

6-To further explain the meaning of the words on the dictionary, there are some images

7-In addition to the words, Zar Dictionary presents some useful appendices such as a list of common abbreviations, list of countries and currencies,  list of common irregular verbs, and list of irregular plurals.

8-UK and US pronunciation of the words are provided.

Compiler of the DIctionary 

Himdad A. Muhammad

He holds PhD degree in English language and linguistics. His scientific rank is full professor. He has been working as translator and interpreter for more than 27 years , and has been teaching at Kurdistan universities for more than 22 years. He is the author of 7 books, and 27 academic papers. He has written and translated over 70 articles in English, Kurdish and Arabic.

He is a member of IATEFL (International English Teachers Association) and (European Linguists Syndicate).

  Zar Dictionary Staff

- Himdad A. Muhammad (Owner & Compiler)
- Shamal A. Abdullah (Application Manager)
- Rebwar Dilawer Yaseen (Technical Support)

- Review & Developing Team:
Assist. Prof. Dr. Hoshang F. Jawad
Dr. Rashwan M. Mustafa
Mr. Kawa Q. Muhammad
Mr. Rozgar Yousif Omar
Mr. Bandar A, Mohammed
Mr. Bakhtyar F.Akrayee
Ms. Frmesk A.Sulaiman

- Social Media Team:
Dr. Salih Ibrahim
Dr. Jamal Anwer
Mr. Erfan A.Abdulla
Mr. Salih Ali

- Design & Marketing Team:
Mr. Himdad Argushy
Mr. Nahro Kaify
Mr. Yousif Hazhari
Mr. Mohammad Omer

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